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MI Windows and Doors

With plants across the country, MI Windows and Doors is one of America's most respected manufacturers of vinyl, aluminum and composite window and door products. Since 1947, they have focused on great people making great products.

Take a look at some of the styles we offer to create a beautiful custom look to your home.

MIWD Awning Window

Architectural Windows
Architectural windows accent other windows.  They also look great on their own, providing unique character to any home.  These windows come in a variety of shapes and grids can be added for further customization.  Are also referred to as Picture Windows or Circlehead Windows.

MIWD Awning Window Awning Windows
These strong windows will improve any home’s appearance.  Awning windows create ventilation in any type of weather, as the window tilts open at the bottom.  The sturdy metal roto gear creates easy opening and closing.

MIWD - Basement Window

Basement Windows
The basement windows can be stationary or can consist of a sliding window.  Both types provide strong insulation, ultimately reducing energy costs and preventing water leakage.  Intended to be installed at below grade level to ventilate basement or cellar areas.

MIWD - Basement Window

Bow/Bay Windows
Bow/Bay windows capture the world outside your home, as they expand the view from any living or dining room.  These beautiful windows will bring plenty of light into a room, brightening up your home.

MIWD Casement Windows

Casement Windows
Casement windows have a metal gear that opens the windows completely outward, allowing complete ventilation.  This is a great window for catching breezes.  Multiple grid and color options are available to improve your home’s appearance.

MIWD Double Hung

Double Hung Window
A type of window that has an upper (outside) sash that slides down and a lower (inside) sash that slides up.  It is a vertical operating window.

MIWD - Single Hung Window

Single Hung Window
The single hung window features a stationary top and a movable bottom half.  One or more locking devices are furnished to secure the sash in the closed position.

MIWD - Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows
Sliding windows open horizontally and they are latched at the middle of the two windows, creating a tighter seal for the window.  Multiple glass and grid options are available.

MIWD - Sliding Patio Door

Rolling Patio Doors
These sliding glass doors on a stainless steel track provide a smooth and durable operation.